Friday, 14 August 2015

Just sayin', bruv: the dance edition

Hot Takes on me like Morten Harket, dance moves on me like John Sergeant.

If you're planning on writing a thinkpiece about YouTube dance stars like Kemo, Meechie or 1UP Society and you fail to acknowledge that Fresh Squad are pioneers of the artform, then you should have your earnings frozen until you've learned their entire Crank Dat routine:

Until I hear it out in the wild at a Westwood party then IHeartMemphis' Hit The Quan is one of those dance records that I prefer as a YouTube collection of its best Vine clips rather than as a song:

In 25 years time, rap historians are gonna treat the videos of Mr. Hit Dat Hoe and TReal Lee bustin' moves in Prince Rick's neighbourhood with the same reverence that they treat those Style Wars scenes where the Rock Steady Crew snap on Frosty Freeze's mother and breakdance in the park to Busy Bee & A.J's "D.J Bust a Nut, in your face and in your butt" live routine:

(BTW, Bugati Bieber & co's "I can still smell her perfume" dance moves in the Confident video are a total rip-off of TReal Lee & Mr. Hit Dat Hoe's "you smell somethin' stanky? Yeah I be the shit, bitch" dance moves from the above video. If I'm lyin' may every dancing dog from Britain's Got Talent die tonight. How 'bout that?)


Anonymous said...

Bring back airbrushed tall tees!

Si Mane Price said...

Dancing in unison with your team in front of a heavily graffitied building whilst wearing customised clothes = the definition of REAL HIP HOP.

Em said...

Do you have a link to the live Busy Bee thing?

Si Mane Price said...

It's from Live Convention '82.

Skip forward to the 18:50 mark.

Em said...


Always wondered what that was from.