Sunday, 9 August 2015

Why didn't God take Simon Price instead of Sean Price?

Heltah Skeltah - Fuck Dat Rapper
(From Rock's Shell Shock mixtape; 2008)

2015: the year rap officially overtook wrestling as the world's most dangerous profession. At the rate things are going, bulletproof motherfuckers like AZie, 50 Cent and Suge Knight are gonna be the only people left in the rap industry when the clock ticks down to midnight on december 31st.

Paying tribute to Ruck Burner today the best way possible: by making a playlist of the album Monkey Barz could have been if only the real Pricey had included all his best 12" tracks and deep cuts from 2002 - 2005. R.I.P - hope dude is livin' it up in rap Heaven, swapping Brooklyn groupie anecdotes with Biggie and spending the money he ripped off from embarrassing Rhode Island whigga-rappers on MySpace.

Sean Price - Monkey Barz 2.0

1. Peep My Words
2. Rising To The Top (O.G version) (ft. Agallah)
3. One Two Y'All
4. Onion Head (ft. Tek)
5. Don't Say Shit To Ruck
6. Tel E Mundo (ft. Agallah)
7. Heartburn
8. 60 Bar Dash
9. Shake Down (ft. Starang Wondah & Steele)
10. Mad Mann
11. Brokest Rapper You Know
12. Boom Bye Yeah
13. Spliff-n-Wessun (ft. Rustee Juxx)
14. Jail Shit (ft. Rock)
15. I Shot Tha
16. Slap Boxing (ft. Rustee Juxx & Rock)
17. Monkey Barz


yeldarb said...

sean price slick like el gato

L.A said...

Fucked up news.

Si Mane Price said...

Near enough every other month this year I've woken up on a sunday to find that someone I like from the NY rap scene has died - Yams, Chinx, Sean P :(

hotbox said...

sean's rhymes were mostly slapping wack rappers especially dudes with tight pants and small sweaters or whatever but it was always funny not grumpy

r.i.p. sean price

Ben Jones said...

R.I.P. Sean P I guess my dream album with Agallah and Ike Eyes won't happen

d said...

I loved how he actually got better in his 30s too, who does that


Si Mane Price said...

Good point. He was definitely an anomaly.

d said...

you could make an argument like E-40 or Ice-T improved after 30 but Sean basically found himself, its mad. Dont think anyone was that funny both on and off the mic either

Anonymous said...

Hustle Crowe

hotbox said...

Rap songs that aren't on YouTube but really should be #13: sean price "boost"

Si Mane Price said...

I don't think I know that one myself.

hotbox said...

It was on the kimbo price mixtape not a rare loosie maybe it's a canadian youtube issue. if you do a phone call rap compilation it could make the top 3 with phone tap and 1-900-hustler (which has also been pulled from the tube)

Si Mane Price said...

Biggie's Warning too!

Anonymous said...

Sean Price is one of those dudes who made it sound like he could basically rap exactly what he was thinking about with seemingly no filter and have it come out as the coldest shit ever. That kind of writing takes serious skill and is way harder to achieve than most people think it is. Sucks so much that he's gone.

The last verse of his I heard was one where he spent the whole time making fun of Ebro. More rappers should make fun of Ebro.