Saturday, 22 August 2015

Swag To The Future

Travis Porter & Bandit Gang Marco over Mr.2-17 production is the rap equivalent of a fourth Back To The Future movie where Marty & his dad George inadvertently bump into each other in the past again and then accidentally travel forward through the space-time continuum to the hospital where Marty's missus is giving birth to his son. Betcha you'll find that Quez has already started disappearing from the Make It Rain and Wobble videos as the universe struggles to comprehend 3 generations of Atlanta Swag-Rap on the same song and attempts to course-correct itself.

Travis Porter ft. Bandit Gang Marco - Blue Flame
(From SAQ mixtape; 2015)

Ayo Tough Love - your song with Ginuwine is cool but Mr.2-17 already has the best Pony interpolation of 2015.


James said...

Tough Love song goes hard tho

RWD Snitch said...

A house remake of "Pony" was so inevitable haha.

Anonymous said...

the zaytoven "ahhh" sample is the string holding it all together