Friday, 24 February 2012

Re : the 25 essential Mystikal songs Complex piece

Awesome read as it is, but here's 2 joints I wish had cropped up in the conversation for reasons explained below :

Mystikal - Not That N*gga
(From Mind Of Mystikal; 1995)

Why? Duh, because it's only Pharrell's first ever Rap production credit and Mystikal might have had a swell "You'ze a good kid.." anecdote about sending young Skateboard P to the store for bogroll and then making him scrub the toilet bowl clean after pebbledashing it with a bowel full of turds during the recording session.

Mystikal - Big Truck Boys
(From Let's Get Ready; 2000)

Why? Duh, because it's only the quintessential Country-Rap jam Mystikal ever recorded with KLC and that bit where he really unleashes the gas and says "..twentied up, tinted up, piped up/tanked up, filled up, grilled up, loaded, psyched up/hyped up, iced up, POLO striped up, Niked up/they bust fresh cuts, they dress sharp and they like big trucks" during the breakdown at the start of the third verse is best summed up by the rapist right chea himself in this GIF :


noz said...

"Why? Duh, because it's only Pharrell's first ever Rap production credit"

In the words of Joeski Love: Huh, wat? My copy credits Precise as the sole producer. What's your source on this?

After the interview I found out that it's actually his late sister singing the hook on the song. Which would've made it a good record to talk about, Pharrell or not. I remember it was on the original shortlist, not sure why I ended up cutting it. Probably just space?

I didn't expect him to be such an enthusiastic subject when I went into the interview. In retrospect I think I could've asked him about fifty songs - not even to publish, just for my own edification - and he would've been totally down.

Richard Tre Mane said...

Not sure if it was Wiki or Discogs or just some Neptunes fan page, but ANU posted some Pharrell discography on Philaflava and he was listed as the drum producer on Not That N&gga on there.

brad said...

i've still never heard a mystikal album.

sisilafami said...

neptunes wiki credited pharrell on the drums a few months ago but does not anymore...

this probably lead to contradictory comments here :

even mentioned it :