Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Felony charges but capital made it a lower case

The 2nd best song from the first #UW 'tape gets a video :

"My old bitch she only fuck me if we fight first
I mean argue, yeah we exchange harsh words
and then it's make-up sex, she make $tar' burst"

$tarlito ft. Young Dolph - Gone
(From #UW; 2011)

Mostly posting this because the song goes hard, it forms a loose 2011 trilogy alongside Get Off My Line and Hoe Problems, it's the only Young Dolph verse I'm currently willing to listen to ("I told her either deal with it or just leave me alone/she replied, she apologized and she just miss that bone/I told her it's all good just make sure it's wet later on"), it gives me another chance to link to my recent $tarlito compilation and it demonstrates that 'lito is really getting those Biggie in the Warning video power-moves-on-a-celly-phone-ah poses down pizzack now :


Billy Patrick said...

Synchronize brains, I was about to post about Lil Rue wondering if he really talks on the phone the way he depicts in videos.

I like that this song is listed as "Prod. by Lil Keis" in the video and "Drumma Boy" in the credits on my computer.

Richard Tre Mane said...

It does have the "LIL KEIS ON THE BEAT, BWOYYYYY" which one of my fav' producer drops.

hl said...

Hard to look intense on a smart phone. Impressive.

brad said...

psycho les' mark e smith impression = best rap moment ever