Sunday 12 February 2012

Reasons I love Youtube # 20

Public Enemy doing the Shut 'Em Down remix live on 90s UK Yoof TV show The Word back in 1992 :

The Shut 'Em Down remix beat never really seemed a suitable backdrop for Chuck D's voice so I'm more of a fan of the original, but I'm posting this, their live debut on UK TV, anyway for a handful of reasons :

1. P.E were in town for this the night before I first saw them live, and, thus, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

2. The oversized black & yellow jackets sported by Chuck, Terminator X and the S1Ws now seem like a stark warning that P.E were on the precipice of tumbling over into irrelevance as recording artists, but I suppose at least it's a rare instance of Chuck not being dressed like your uncle Richard.

3. Amanda de Cadenet is nowhere near as attractive as I remember her being. Team Dani Behr 4 life, bruv.

4. Once a year I'm going to make a plea for someone to plz upload the time Onyx did Throw Ya Gunz on The Word and the stage was invaded by a bunch of Mancunian man dem.

5. These are kinda barren times for a Rap blogger if you think SpaceGhostPurrp is just Ugly Duckling for the type of dudes who post on boards like Dissensus and you've given Young Thug multiple chances now via Blastmaster, ANU and Drake and still come away feeling like "really, guys?" all 3 times.


done said...

God damn I slept on Dani Behr at the time.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Truth be told and probably quite shamefully, I always had a thing for Katie Puckrik.

Mr Bozack said...

Nah, nothing wrong with Puckrick. I'd have probably had a go on Magenta Devine as well.

Billy Patrick said...

The few of us that won't concede to Space Ghost Purp's music must stay strong. Times are getting very dire!

I'm just going to listen to slow jams for the rest of my life, I think I'm done with rapz.

step one said...

Dani Behr. Yes.
Anyone know what Hufty is up to these days?

also, didnt PE perform this on TOTP around the same time? Im sure they did something live (and not mimed)on there.

sisilafami said...

This is also the time of twitter collabs, the equivalent of early 00's HHI featurings fantasy topics. see cousin fik/supa villain, El-P/Trouble & Riff Raff/action Bronson.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Pretty sure the TOTP performance was the thursday after they'd appeared on The Word the friday night the week before.

Officially starting the KEEP EL-P AWAY FROM BLACK PPL campaign right here, right now.

done said...

Googled that yatch and ended up watching a clip of Terry Christian talking which kinda fucked my evening up tbh.

"El-P/Trouble" - and Danny Brown, whos as close to being an A&R in 2012 as you can be without being a secrete tumblrap manager, has yet to connect with the mentaller from the bay who shares his initials and an equally abrasive delivery? Hes up on Jacka& Livewire too, so theres no excuse.

Billy Patrick said...

@done: Does this count?

I don't think they physically (hehe!) linked, and I don't really like the original or remix of that song anyways.

Also, can we talk about what is happening to Roach Gigz career? I'm scared and confused but suppose I should be happy he's reaching for that "national" (less weird, not in the bay) audience?

done said...

Aw I forgot about that and yes it does count, lol @ rappers recording together irl.

"I should be happy he's reaching for that "national" (less weird, not in the bay) audience?" nah not with someone like Roach, I really don't see that dude catching on like that. Without the meandering stories and weird random shit hes just a corny white lad with an annoying voice, and not corny enough to get that fratrap money either.

Shame though cos I think he he still has the ability and apart from the obvious Mac Dre and Wayne influence he has a really original style. He kinda remind me of Nickatina without sounding much like him, if that makes sense.

I don't really agree with everyone saying hes completely declined since RB1 though, theres still been songs with great rapping in amongst the watered down shit eg Gina & Can I Rap