Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whether you're angling for a blowjob off your bird tonight after taking her out to Nando's the eatery of her choice, or you're gonna be spending the evening alone reciting Don Draper's speech to Rachel about love to yourself on the couch, there's one thing we're all lacking in life this Valentine's day and that's a CDQ version of the video mix of Suga Free's debut Pure Pimp when he went by the handle of Royal Rock, which doesn't currently exist in any other format because the version on the 12" is severely deficient in the video mix's bass :

Royal Rock - Pure Pimp (video mix)
(Not from the Pure Pimp 12"; 1992)

Worry not, because I'm here to spread L-U-V like the chix in the Pure Pimp clip at the pool party were prone to spread their asscheeks by ripping the audio of the video mix, so now it's up to one of you ol' romantics to make yourselves useful by chopping out the first 53 seconds which comprise the video's intro and then maybe cleaning up the audio slightly so Cupid can shoot bolts through our hearts over this song properly and we can all wake up feeling like the young prince of pimpology in 1992 tomorrow :

*EDIT* ..and two days later here's the final snipped down, spruced up version courtesy of DJ Step One :


done said...



tbh Im hoping Step or someone can do better cos I want a decent quality mp3 of this myself

Richard Tre Mane said...


Now where's Step at when we need him?

step one said...

I'll give it a go tonight if I get time(good chance I might forget so if it hasnt appeared by the weekend shoot me an email)

Richard Tre Mane said...


done said...

Ah nice one man. I'm listening to mioe now and I coulda sworn I filtered it a bit but shit sounds exactly the same as the first one, sake.