Friday 3 February 2012

Rejected-rejected ideas

Damn, homie - we goin' through the winter warz right now still waitin' on Bogota and King Louie's Dope And Shrimp, and the only song to have really tickled our fancy in the past couple of weeks is Cocky by DJ Paul. In lieu of any real content, here are some pitches for posts that were so bad that they were even snubbed by Fat Lace for the Rejected Ideas series :

Tupac Bok - listen to our exclusive mash-up of Tupac Back over Project Pat's Chickenhead.

Agallah The John Bishop - the Rapper formerly known as The Don Bishop turns to inane sub-Stan Boardman scouse stand-up comedy after the GTA and Dipset money dries up.

Pour Out A Little (window) licker - 2pac found alive in Aphex Twin's studio!

Got You Stuck Off The Holness - the M.O.B.B react to the death of Blockbusters host Bob Holness.

2 Girls, 1 Kap - Big Kap caught in scat-porn threesome with Kreashawyn and V-Nasty.

The Search For Animal Chingy - Mr. Right Thurr meets The Bones Brigade!

Nap Or Die - sleep apnea expert professor L. Dopa explains why it would've been more sensible for Pimp C to take shorter trips off to the land of nod.


done said...

Woo Da Kid - Bricksquad-funded Blind Date-inspired reality show goes horribly wrong when they hire SPM as creative consultant.

Rule #33676856229 - Ja Rule frames himself for numerous murdaaas so he can keep his cheerful Porridge -inspired reality show going for a few more seasons.

Whoever titled that John Bishop clip is tryna get dude Stewart Lee-d.

done said...

btw did that Dipset To Catch A Predator thing ever actually happen and if so is there footage?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Presumably filed away in the same cabinet as his new colour.