Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Feels good, man

It's always a satisfying feeling when a certified jam you've written about that's been given the cold-shoulder by the rest of the Rap blogosphere receives a video, as proven by My Side Of The Story by A-Mafia last year :

You deserve all six
No, I can't co-exist
Yeah, I know I ain't shit
Before I'd say "I do!" *I Don't*, I'd rather say "I quit!"

$tarlito ft. Tha Joker - Ho Problems
(From #UW: Separation Anxiety EP; 2011)

I think the reason why I feel such an affinity with 'Lito might have as much to do with him being so lithe and lanky that he appears to have major problems finding sweatshirts that are long enough in the body as his heavy-hearted music. I feel your pain, B - smalls are generally too short on some Baby GAP type shit, mediums tend to fit correct on the body but have Filipino Frank wide neck-holes and larges tend to be voluminous like DB Tha General's hoody in the Upgrade 'Em 2 in the King Of Oakland trilogy video. A depressing situation that has me feelin' like AZ in 1995 :

AZ ft. Amar Pep & Barsham - We Can't Win
(From Doe Or Die; 1995)

Always thought Anthony shoulda tried to snag Mobb Deep cameos for this cut about how Rudy Giuliani is a secrete shapeshifting reptilian pal of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff instead of letting the track's producer and some dude we never heard of again who'd just discovered The X-Files Rap on it.


brad said...

speaking of short sweatshirts, i finally tried on a buzz rickson one last week. fucking bellyshirt.

Richard Tre Mane said...

Tell me about it. It was an Ol' Rocky Balboa training-in-Philly wearing his cut-off grey sweat lookin' ass sweatshirt moment when I tried one on in American Classics a couple of years back.

Billy Dee Trilliams said...

I know this feeling well, not so much on my tumblr but on a different site I had with my friends which we are currently reviving. I haven't liked much of anything Joker has done outside of this feature.

You ever check out the Trash Bag Gang album from earlier this year?

I'm currently in London - there are a lot of white people with shaved heads and dreads in the back. Is that the new wave big spiked prime colored mohawk?

Richard Tre Mane said...

Hmmm - I'm not aware of that exact sub-species. Have you spotted trillions of dickheads in drop-crotch elasticated chinos?

done said...

Lito's spam is really pleasant.

Richard Tre Mane said...

Huh what?

Mr Bozack said...

Oh fuk me, I'm from (a not too wanky part of, obv) where Billy Dee at and you can't move for cunts in ludicrous skinny jeans/laughable shoes/cockatiel-ass haircuts on some Nathan Barley steez.

David said...

i'll forward you his emails tehm

Richard Tre Mane said...


done said...

Re the contents of the most recent one - even Pen & Pixel never took shit this literally.

Billy Dee Trilliams said...

@ Mr Bozack: Yeah I've seen a lot of those haircuts, that's for sure. You guys seem to have been hit by the "flat tops back" 80's nostalgia just as hard. Not that New York is any better, plenty of dudes wearing skirts and stuff.

"It's the year two thousand ni**as got man bodies with woman parts" - Mannie Fresh

@ TM: Haven't seen any dudes wearing those hammer pants, have definitely seen women wearing them however. Perhaps I've been lucky.