Sunday, 15 January 2012

The teams that meet in Maf'

"'Cause A get doe, supply bricks for more cheddar
they say I flow like Nas mixed with Cormega"

A-Mafia - Road To The Riches
(From Youtube; 2011)

Thought I'd rip this from Youtube because it only seems to exist on there currently other than some stupidly pitched-up version of it that appeared on a DJ Cash Crook mixtape last week and I utilised the most primitive Youtube-to-MP3 software on my computer to give it the crackly feel of some old Doo Wop mixtape freestyle. Not entirely sure about that lyric above, though, since A-Mafia released more great songs in 2011 than Nas has made in the 7+ years since 2004, right?


step one said...

First time I've heard A Mafia - whats a good place to start for more of their stuff?

(also, if the version on that mixtape is better quality I can pitch it down and re-record it)

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It's a he rather than a they and I'm sure you'll have heard him on 2007/2008 Dipset stuff, Step.

He's basically the latest instalment in the Harlem lineage of thug henchmen rappers which includes Azie, Herb McGruff and Hell Rell. I've featured him in a few posts now, but here's 5 crucial A-Mafia joints to look up on Youtube :

Ted Dibiase
Wayne Perry
My Side Of The Story
Foldin' $100 Bills

David said...

no recommendation for "shine on em"?? add that to the list

Kelvin Mack10zie said...