Monday, 30 January 2012

Just 2 get a Depp

Here's the less exalted cut from the same EP Primo favourite Head Over Wheels came from. It isn't touching that exotic indie classic, but it does sound particularly great when listened to alongside Child Of The Ghetto and Gametime as a trilogy of sorts :

G-Depp - Blow More Spots
(That split Tape Kingz EP with DJ LS One & DJ Dummy; 1996)

Always thought that EP was G-Dep(p)'s debut release but just noticed Discogs now lists a 1995 12" on Tape Kingz which preceded it. The A. side Really Don't Wanna Stop is nowt particularly special but the B. side You Ain't Nobody Baby has yet to find its way to Youtube. Worth taking a punt on for £5 in case it's a lost Harlem gem inna Da Smoothness stylee or a waste of a fiver because it'll probably sound like some shitty Brainsick Mob track?


brad said...

send me an mp3 of "head over wheels"!

Anonymous said...

You Ain't Nobody Baby is definitely worth that price.

Richard Tre Mane said...

State cha name, gangsta. How am I supposed to trust the opinion of an anonymous commenter?