Saturday, 7 January 2012

The magic number : underappreciated 2011 Rap video moments

Officially the final 2011-themed post you'll be reading on here, but it's neccessary because I see too many bloggers looking down their noses at modern Rap videos when they surely can't even begin to appreciate certain songs in their full glory without being familiar with the facial expressions, mannerisms, hand gestures, outfits and milieu from them. Well, that and the unfortunate fact that I'm feeling existentially adrift at the moment and this is the best idea I can come up with for a post today.

Ayo Wooh Da Kid in the My G video, put your shirt on you fat fucking, I mean nice 6-pack there, dunn. You workin' out or just visitin' the same doctor as Darryn Lyons?

Lines about fellatio crop up in Louie's songs almost as frequently as the word kush and he even has his own Put It In Your Mouth of sorts with What That Mouth Do, so it makes perfect sense he'd pay homage to Degeneration X's SUCK IT! gesture in one of his videos. FYI : Louie's the HBK of this modern Rap shit and these other jobber Rappers all y'all bloggers are sweatin' are Road Dogg & Billy Gunn.

So, I was reading some snooty Noz proclamation that he "doesn't watch videos" and I was like man, how can you possibly get the most out of What's Happenin' if you don't even know that you're supposed to point to your temples when Lil' Phat says "get ya mind right" and you're unfamiliar with the Batman TV series-esque cartoon POW! font which pops on on screen when he goes on to say "chick-chick - BOW! Now you hearin' about the youngin"?


done said...

Mask On too, balaclavad-up Gunplay laughing as he makes dudes scatter with his pretend gun fingers is the only way to experience that song.

I was never big on Celly Cel's Hot Sunny Day til that time you posted the video. Whole 'nother thing altogether.

Billy Dee Trilliams said...

Thank you for converting me to the Church of Lil Phat. Since everything Boosie ever says is indisputable truth I assumed Phat was the worst. He's actually quite the opposite.

X Pac was my favorite out of DX (don't judge me). The "Suck It" is really coming back into style for the college boys and girls. Sometimes more the girls than the boys... Hmm.

Billy Dee Trilliams said...

Oh and meant to mention - If Done sent you the Starlito video, he has one of the better wrestling references I've heard of late. "You fell off like Owen Hart in his last match (rest in peace)." A day I'll never forget

Richard Tre Mane said...

Yeah, I pumped the air with my fist when I heard that line.

Most of these trendy blog Rappers will never make a mixtape as good as Lil' Phat's Life Of A Yungsta.

noz said...

David said...

doubly pissed @ noz b/c when i clicked on that youtube it implied milk would be performing at subt here in chi in march, but youtube confused milk with Black Milk :(