Wednesday 25 January 2012

An A-Mafia compilation 4 u

Last year I tried to tell you about how A-Mafia is the latest descendent in the classic Harlem thug henchman-Rapper lineage which includes AZie & Pretty Tone Capone from MobStyle, Bloodshed & C.O.C-era Herb McGruff, and Hell Rell circa Diplomatic Immunity Volume 1 but all y'all bloggers just continued writing think-pieces about A$AP Rocky and posting Smoke DZA remixes. I'm not bitter, though, because sometimes youze guys just need a helpin' hand in the right direction, so here's a belated Xmas present in the form of a 10 song compilation of the best chinchilla-Mafia songs from the past couple of years I've zipped up as an introduction to those of you still snoozin' on the only Uptown Rapper with blood on the bottom of his ACGs :

~ A-Mafia : Illmafic ~

1. Ted Dibiase
2. My Side Of The Story
3. 2050
4. Road To The Riches
5. Wayne Perry
6. I Believe I Can Fly
7. Shine On (with Charlie Clipz)
8. Foldin' $100 Billz
9. Real Live Pro remix (with JR Writer & 2 Chainz)
10. 1000 Grams


All of these are legit songs bar 2050 and Road To The Riches, but both are essential to the 2010/2011 A-Mafia oeuvre and more than manage to do justice to their original sources. It'd be disingenuous to try and convince you that Godzilla-Mafia is a major Dipset talent, but he does share a particular trait with Cam and Max in their respective primes by possessing the uncanny ability to sound great over any style of production, thus he's one of the few N.Y Rappers to comfortably navigate Luger and ersatz-Luger beats without sounding like the Rap version of Guy Coma. Tie a pair of red underpants around your head and take a bite of that chicken with us million dollar whiggaz who've been goin' O.T since we came outta the womb.


done said...

Nice one, thanks.

Billy Patrick said...

Zank you Zed I've been wanting to listen to this A-Mafia dude and needed some choice mp3's to do so.

Billy Patrick said...

Damnit I always think of other things right after commenting. Smoke DZA & ASAP Rocky coverage is all very hilarious. Internets got me feeling like I'm wrong for not liking them. Shit is wild, B.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Shit got me feelin' like Brian Wilson, bruv.

brad said...

looks good.

step one said...

yes! thanks man, been meaning to check for these guys but theres not enough hours in the day sometimes. Will bump this in tha whip tommorow morning fa sho.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a reup? Cheers.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...