Sunday, 23 April 2017

Long silky hair so he don't care about brims

More proof that Dru Down's closet coulda kept his whole 'hood fly for five years back in the 90s - bitch, we fitted! You gotta acknowledge what he did in Cobra's Sliden video, menswear blogga:

Don't even front like Husalah's Gear wasn't cut from the same cloth as Yukmouth's Stuntastic. The fashions may have changed, but what is "that's the colour of guacamole on ya nacho" if not "cherry Blossom Louis Vuitton on some golf shorts" in different tones & textures for your Arm Leg Leg Arm Head, yaddamean?


Anonymous said...

Your boy got tears in his eyes!!

d said...

I was in awe when I saw that shirt

Si Mane Price said...

Might be the single greatest item of clothing in a rap video ever.

SLEEP DANK said...

U Lose Chris by Sleepdank on #SoundCloud