Friday, 21 April 2017

Where U At?

Jimmy Wopo - Elm Street 2
(From YouTube; 2017)

Alas, not a Jimmy Wopo part deux of the Walkin' Bomb 2 calibre. Also weirdly analogous to the Nightmare On Elm Street movie franchise in that it's a patchy follow-up to a classic. Somebody shoulda told Wopo that rappers are only supposed to record sequels to songs which were misfires - that way the fans don't end up disappointed and the rapper doesn't look desperate.

Still, at least we now know what happened to the bizzy who Wopo kidnapped at the end of the Elm Street video because there's far too many rap vids with "To Be Continued..." cliffhangers left unresolved foreverever. It's tragic enough that Slim Dunkin died IRL, let alone that his little lad who was abducted from a parking garage in the Blindside video is now pretend-lost for eternity like the rap video equivalent of Keith Bennett. Holla back, missing young'ns!


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kermode and yayo said...

This reminds me, please do more posts about cinema/film, with analogies to rap if neccessary

Si Mane Price said...

What's your fave Freddy movie, m8?

NOES 3: Dream Warriors >>>>>>>>>

♤♧ said...

4th Elm Street is excellent too