Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Late pass!

Teddy ft. Dru Down & Luniz - Are You In The Mood? (LP Version)
(From Are You In The Mood? single; 1996)

Recently discovered by ya host, some 90's Mob & Bullshit via the C-Note Records allstars & the very same Teddy who did the hook on Playa Hata. Shit is a jam but it musta stayed underground with The Fraggles because Noo Trybe never released a Teddy LP. Those guest credits are kinda misleading, though - Dru Down only delivers a quick prelude to Yukmouth's verse, and Numskull doesn't even get 1 bar on it, let alone 5.

*EDIT* Uploaded the MP3 to Audiomack here


L.A said...

Surprised there weren't more west coast records like this.

Si Mane Price said...

Fucked up that Numskull only got to appear in the video by agreeing to pretend to be busting for a piss outside the plane's bog while Teddy + the bird in the red dress were shagging inside.

Andrew Barber said...

Damn, Teddy got to suck face and have simulated sex with prime era Lisa Raye? What a time to be a C-Note Records signee.

Never heard this song in my life...too bad cause it's fire. I guess Teddy was a little too old looking to compete with the likes of Ginuwine who was popping in 96.

Sidebar...you ever hear the Turf Stories soundtrack? I don't even know what it was from -- probably a fake movie that never came out starring Chris Hicks CEO of C-Note Records. It dropped on Ruthless in like 99.

Had a DMX, Luniz and Drag-On song


Si Mane Price said...

I've heard that song some Luniz compilation. Was wondering where the fuck it could possibly be from 😁

Poor Teddy must have done Troy Ave numbers with this single.

turd butt said...

hey on the topic of singin ass thuggery, here's something featuring Mr. Doctor, one of Brotha Lynch's finest


hope you're familiar with setripn bloccstyle

Andrew Barber said...

yeah not until youtube did i know Mr. Doctor had a video for this one. I was a loyal Black Market Records supporter, and bought the Mr. Doc album just because Lynch was on a few joints. Album is pretty trash, unfortunately.


Also, YouTube, the most glorious invention of man, let me know that Brotha Lynch's cousin Q-Ball was on COPS in the 90s. He got killed at a C-Bo video shoot


Si Mane Price said...

I'm not. This song is good. Same sample/hook melody as Mass 187's Gangsta Strut.

I love that PsychoRealm YouTube channel.

Si Mane Price said...

The infamous C-Bo video shoot :(

Wish Big Lurch had featured on an episode of COPS.

turd butt said...
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Si Mane Price said...

Tha Butt versus Tha Barber! 😨

😂 @ this remix.