Tuesday 18 April 2017

Got the phone in the back of my Levi's

Rich Homie Quan - Heart Cold
(From Back To The Basics album; 2017)

Red tabs on the red carpet, Japanese looms over ya Fruit Of The Looms. Is it a coincidence that Rich Homie Quan's Return To Form™ corresponds with him switching from Robin's to Levi's? #Menswear expert Dr. Dru reckons not. Good as Heart Cold and Replay are, ya host is not entirely sold on the "QUAN'S BACK!" narrative quietly gathering steam on t'internet, mind, because neither of 'em go quite as hard as his one Legit Jam of 2016 (the Martorialist edit, natch!) If not exactly a Return To Form™ then it's definitely a return from the wilderness. Maybe Quan realised Mike Ashley is the Birdman of the Tyne? Maybe YFN Lucci was just keeping Quan's spot warm after all?

**EDIT** After spending some quality time with this album, Word Of Mouth has revealed itself as The Jam. It isn't necessarily the most immediate track, but it's deceptively catchy like Herpes on a Weatherspoons' pint glass. Word around town, rap's most notable trip to the barbers since Mouse On Tha Track's Liberation (The Cut):

Rich Homie Quan - Word Of Mouth
(From Back To The Basics album; 2017)


noah said...

I’ve been extra enthusiastic about Quan because so many Kendrick fans are having a Damn nerdgasm. It’s a great album, but it sounds even better in contrast to K Dot's sterilized songs. Sure, both albums have their pluses and their minuses. But on the whole, Quan’s bringing a vitality to his shit that’s pretty undeniable.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I wanna hear Quan over a Sade sample.

YUS said...

Wow this mixtape really goes from top to bottom. Like it more than I've liked a Future tape/album for a while. ('Back End' really reminds me of 'Honest'.)

'Money Fold', 'Da Streetz', 'Lord Forgive Me'

Now I REALLY want that Rich Gang Tour sequel. Up there with world peace and Piers Morgan dying alone and afraid.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Word Of Mouth has blossomed into another favourite for me.