Friday 28 April 2017

Where was you at when we was gettin' on COPS?

"Icy neck fulla rocks, this bitch I wear'll make the Titanic stop"

Nef The Pharaoh ft. Slimmy B - Bling Blaow
(From The Chang Project compilation; 2017)

More like Bling Blap amirite? Nef The Pharaoh's recent output has hit like Aaron Ramsey at the proverbial barn door, but this shit hits like bass in Husalah's car. Unlike Everything Big, this one is a Nef track which does live up to its Instagram preview snippet:

Brief thoughts on The Chang Project then: where's the slap with Mannie Fresh at? Rappers who tease previews of songs on Instagram and then take dumb long to drop them need to start getting fined. $25 per week sounds like a good starting price for late fee offenders.


Tesse Wolfson said...

I remember listening to Fighting the Feds right after I bought my 15” subwoofer. I thought I was going to be the talk of the town, and was made into a laughingstock!!
This Nef The Pharoah song is tight, though. (My instagram followers are going to go nuts for it!)

jeff said...

hoping the mannie fresh song is on nef's album. also really feeling the song with omb peezy

Lucas said...

damn near cried during Remedy's Interlude.

Anonymous said...

slimmy the best of all the sob x rbe dudes, that i could never tune he did with drakeo one the best slaps of 2k17 imo.

MWB said...

"My neck looks like loud, your neck looks like SHUT UP!' I want to start using this even though I don't own a chain haha.

Great song, I listened to it about 10 times in a row Sunday when I first came across this

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Hit up eBay for one of them rhodium + rhinestone cuban linx, bruvs.