Friday 9 September 2016

Fanatic of the B-side part 2

Since every modern rap mixtape coulda/shoulda been boiled down to a 2-track single, let's consider Public Housing as the flip side to Gods Crying. The wistful calm after the tropical stormer if you will:

"This a cold, cold world - so sick
These n*ggas gotta be 666, how the hell you shootin' these lil' kids?"

Lil' Chris - Gods Crying
(From t'internet; 2015/Conscious Trap mixtape; 2016)

"And my teacher told me I'd never be shit
And this who you want to teach me shit?"

Lil' Chris - Public Housing
(From Conscious Trap mixtape; 2016)

Don'tcha just hate when rappers post Instagram snippets of songs and then don't include the aforementioned songs on their next project? Ezale's Tonite Show album is missing this track, while Lil' Chris' Conscious Trap mixtape doesn't include some track he posted a teaser of which sounded like a Flo Rida Rap & Bullshit jam.


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