Sunday 18 September 2016

He got a hit fulla corny words, yet he still can't afford these furs

(© the proto-wavy Check 1,2.)

A-Wax & Smigg Dirtee - Posse Up
(From the Siccness servers; 2005)

Smigg Dirtee reckons Posse Up was the first rap video to be shot specifically for the internet, and there may be some truth at the core of his lofty claim because I can't think of any other pre-YouTube rap videos which weren't shot for a DVD or weren't intended for play on some local late night TV show, certainly not for songs from mixtapes anyway. HOW DARE YOU QUESTION 'WAX & SMIGG'S TRENDSETTING, LOOK AT WHAT THEY BROUGHT TO THE TABLE BEFORE PARANOID P!

What Smigg Dirtee doesn't address here is that he's clearly wearing A-Wax's grey fur from the Thug Deluxe front & back covers in the video. Just a couple of west coast gangsta-rappers of indeterminate ethnic origin playin' swapsies with each other's clothes, bless 'em.


L.A said...

Blown my mind that DJ Vlad and A Wax did a mixtape lmao.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

That half-Russian unity innit.

turd butt said...

since we're back in high school right now: friend did some beats for Smigg and Luni Coleone at the time, but uhh, i slept through that era

pretty sure I got Triggeration Station off of Siccness though, but that was like a DVD or VCD or something

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

2005! That's gotta be one of the oldest rap vids on YouTube now.

TheBaySlaps Snitch said...

A-Wax looks so different now.