Saturday 10 September 2016

I snort, I pop, I'm supposed to stop but I'm not

"She love the long hair, She love the gold teeth
She love how I pop pills, how I don't O.D"

Ezale - Stop Come On
(From Ezale & DJ Fresh's The Tonite Show album; 2016)

From the hotel, motel, holiday in Cambodia. Dru Danh AKA Yung Pierre Chang really needs to break out the Gucci bulletproof vest again for this one. It ain't the best song on Ezale & DJ Fresh's Tonite Show, but it is the one with future #HitTheEzaleChallenge potential.


Anonymous said...

This album is everything I hoped it would be. Ezale is in fine form. Best tonite show in yeeeeears

David said...

thought this album was pretty much what i expected, but in a good way. i dunno about 'best tonite show in years' though

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

"I'm the Year of the Snake - I don't fuck with rats"

Anonymous said...

Sick. Sample is Black Gold - C'mon Stop (Prelude)