Monday 12 September 2016

Louisiana Trombones alert! (part 2)

There's only 2 types of rap fans in this world nowadays, my friend - those who like mumble-rap and those who like shout-rap (no Craig G.) Here at The Martorialist we've been #TeamSpitItWithAClearTone since Slick Rick first breezed into town, but in the great rap wars of 2016, ya host is aligning himself with #TeamShout purely on the strength of Baton Rouge's new Trill Fam young'n WNC Carlos AKA 70th Street Carlos. Carlos is a rapper who seems to understand his USP in the field, thus his first solo track combines everything good about the mutant Bounce spazz of Bang Out and the Mardi Gras-core of Who You Playing With. Know thy strengths and stick to 'em.

"When you broke ain't nobody ever holla
Now like Instagram everybody follow
And all my bitches bad, look like a model
And my muhf*ckin' circle smaller than a f*ckin' toddler
You'll get your ass popped just like a collar
Bitch, what you mean - do we got a fuckin' problem?"

WNC Carlos - Keep A Glock
(From the internet; 2016)

*EDIT* Transpires that this is a jack oflocal Baton Rouge hit from july featuring none other than Larry from Cross Me and Bang Out, only here he's BBE Larry rather than JMM Larry. Who'd a thunk a nu-generation rapper from the Chemical City would be big fan of mediocre late-career producer compilations by Pete Rock and Marley Marl? 2016's first rap video to be partially set in the same dingy alleyway where Mean Gene Okerlund witnessed One Man Gang being reborn as Akeem after Slick cast an ancient African spell on a smoking garbage can.


Dank said...


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It's just occurred to me that this might be a tuba rather than a trombone.

S/O Harold Bishop/Xanthe Canning.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Keep A Glock gettin' slept on.

Anonymous said...

The WNC one is raw

kyle said...

love how all these tracks have tiny triggerman samples hidden in the mix for the observant listener...regional rap is a beautiful thing yall :'+)