Monday 19 September 2016


(Just kiddin' like Jason. Don't ever mention Mozzy to Yung Cat.)

"Can't f*ck with us and then go f*ck with the other side
You just committed suicide"

Yung Cat - Same N*ggas Who Popped Me
(From Drilla City 2 album; 2016)

File this under ‘melancholy Kansas City Husalahwave about friends being spotted in pix with enemies on Instagram’ and ‘the inverse Want My Brother Back where remorse has been replaced with revenge.’ Yung Cat has yet to shoot a promo for this one because he's been busy filming videos for his neighbourhood rapper buddy Bandoe who got shot in the face and the rap group comprised of his 4 daughters Daddies Girls. Everybody eats off that YouTubeploitation money in the BGM 'burb when Yūng Yamaguchi's camera starts rollin'.

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