Tuesday, 22 October 2013

R.I.P to Paranoid by Ty$ & Joe Mo$e$

I told y'all Atlantic Records were gonna ruin one of the best singles of 2013 and boy have they ever mangled it. What even happened to the original video they were shooting at the 711 with Joe Mo$e$, DJ Mustard and YG from that behind the scenes promo clip?

I also told y'all Atlantic Records were trying to wipe the original Ketchup version with Joe Mo$e$ from the 'net and lo and behold it's now vanished from YouTube leaving the only inferior Beach House 2 version with a slightly different beat and DJ Drama yapping all over it, and the remix of the Ketchup version with some weed carrier called KDOH where Joe Mo$e$' verse has been unmastered or somethin' because it sounds like it was recorded in DJ Mustard's left armpit.

Ty$ and everybody at Atlantic involved in this utter travesty will surely spend the rest of eternity in Hell being forced to read FACT Magazine's Sad Boys article over and over and over and over and over again.


CrowleyHead said...

*solemn expression* The fact that Wiz and Ty$ made a song together called "Irie" was ultimately the sign that this kid is done. "Paranoid" just gave us way too much false hope.

jordan s said...

my reaction to the b.o.b. verse was "at least it's not wiz khalifa" cuz this is nowhere near as bad as what wiz did to "hate being sober"

& anyway "paranoid" was ruined first by mustard throwing a rip off of the beat to kid ink for that single chris brown single. ty dolla had no hope after that.

2SHIN said...

we're shining right now. in every sense of the word:


don't watch the dickriding tho

Fredo Fantano said...

If I win the lottery tonight I'm gonna pay Ty$ to re-record I Bet with Joe Mo$e$ instead of friggin' Wiz.

AK said...

Wiz's verse on "I Bet" is pretty much the most disappointing thing ever. I need to just edit the track to cut it off.

dallas hall said...

what song is sampled in the very beginning? it's an old house song. can't remember who it is though.

Anonymous said...

so true. i only ever listen to the version on Ketchup.