Friday, 25 October 2013

Google doesn't care about blk ppl

When a novelty white Youtube rapper from Norway beloved of ironic AmeriKKKan racists is ranking higher on Google search than Yung Joc, Yungstar, Yung Whatshisname from WW3, Yung Nation and the plethora of other Yung rappers then you know that it's probably time to blow Rap music up and start an entire new genre.

Similarly, when Kitty Pryde is starring in the Pitchforkreviewsreviews Tumblr guy's biopic movie you know that American cinema is pretty much done as an artform.


Anonymous said...

The results produced by the search algorithms depend on where said search is made, methinks. Can anyone not living in Europe confirm?

Anonymous said...

What's that gif from?

Robbie said...

The potential fuckery involved in said pitchfolk guy movie is nothing short of terrifying.

Fredo Fantano said...

Anon - from episode 5 of Police Squad.