Friday 18 October 2013

Gringo Bangz

Is Kap G & Jeezy's Jose Got Them Tacos remix the greatest song to stereotype our Mexican brothers since Illegal Alien by Phil Collins? The man from Del Martorialist he say YES!

Kap G ft. Young Jeezy - Jose Got Them Tacos remix
(From Jose Got Them Tacos remix single; 2013)

Props to Kap G for being out chea droppin' jams after South Park Mexican ruined the reputation of all vato rappers a decade ago. Song is far more effective and menacing than its original incarnation now Drumma Boy has slowed the tempo down a touch and added a Jeezy verse slap dab in the middle. I'm assuming this one's officially "a thing" now it's being sold on iTunes and Amazon?


Catfish said...

Thit hits

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Jose got dat Mata

bradley said...

hated this first play

second play i decided it's a classic