Wednesday 23 October 2013

Night of the living basslines

Grip Plyaz is set to release his much-ballyhooed new single Ray Lewis tonight - good news for those of us who've been waitin' for a song outta ATL with a bassline that humongous since Trap Squad dropped What's Happenin' in 2006 (Fabo cameo version, natch). Alas GMT means I'll be tucked up in bed havin' Millionaire Dreamzzz by the time that shit drops, so Mouse On Tha Track's brand new single has got me covered until tomorrow. This is Gucci Mane's "drop racks, get it back, call that shit karma" ethos from Normal gone 2013 Baton Rogue Bounce.

"If you ballin' like you say you ballin', n*gga spend sumthin'!"

Mouse On Tha Track ft. Level - Get It Back
(From t'internet; 2013)


Drew said...

This is pretty bonkers.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I like the bit where Level's hat falls off his head because he's woppin' so hard.