Monday, 17 June 2013

Wanted dead or alive : where the audio alchemists at?

Anybody fancy ripping me the audio of AZ freestyling over Questlove's beatbox rendition of Impeach The President during that recent Sway interview? Starts at around 2:55 and finishes at 3:53. Other than his Mojo magazine Rock canon faux pas, this is the best thing Questlove's ever been involved in, right?

I always wished AZ had got Doug E. Fresh and Salaam Remi's beat for Virgo instead of Nas because dude from Q.B usually sounds so painfully awkward he's pretending to have fun and only ever has any genuine glee in his voice when he's rhyming about sticking beer bottles up Kelis' arsehole. Not that AZ is exactly Mr Chuckles himself, but he is capable of enjoying himself on record, so Virgo should've been a back-and-forth throwback party-jam between him and Slick Rick, which would've also given Rick and Doug one last recorded outing together before they both sailed off into the sunset on the not-so-good Rock The Bells-type nostalgia tour cruise ship.

*Edit* Thanx to Step and Done for coming through with the goods :

AZ & Questlove - beatbox freestyle


Anonymous said...

Email me ( and I'll email you it.

done said...

got you

step one said...

check your email

good shout on Virgo. I've got a decent-ish bootleg mix of it over 'Rising To The Top' though.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Thanx guys.

OMG, is that THE Dinos Goldie?

bradley said...

i can get with this