Sunday, 23 June 2013

Wanted dead or alive : part 2050

Anyone care to ID me the sample on A-Mafia's Street Money? It sounds like some 18th century Italian opera jam that Joe & Larry Gallo probably listened to before they set off to turn Albert Anastasia's cabbage into coleslaw; in A-Mafia's hands it's the modern Harlem enforcer-Rapper equivalent of 1997 Q.B Thug-Rap, which isn't quite as exciting but is still a very, very good thing indeed :

"Dedicated to every honey and every girl we date
Gettin' money is my worldly fate until the pearly gates"

A-Mafia - Street Money
(From Street Anthems : The Best Of A-Mafia mixtape; 2013)

For anyone not keeping score, Street Money is the best Italo-Rapso joint since Short Kidd's The Mafia :

Short Kidd - The Mafia
(From Vulcha 101 : Freshman Year mixtape; 2012)


James said...

That A-Mafia best of is so good.

Fredo Fantano said...

It is, although it's missing a few of my personal favourites like Star Wars, My Side Of The Story and Realest N*gga In My City.

Also would've loved no-DJ versions of the original solo version of Real Live Pro and Body Bag.

bradley said...

"fidel castro" too