Tuesday 11 June 2013

Let Noz down

Gunplay - Drop Da Tint
(From Acquitted mixtape; 2013)

Fuck me gently with 2 Chainz, this is that type of scandalously savage shit that'll make one of Noz's fellow first wave Rap bloggers start spazzin' out in front of chix, son.

*Jim Jones ad lib voice* I THINK SHE LIKE ME! *Jim Jones ad lib voice*

Rap blogger trivia : as a teenager Robbie Unkut attended acting classes with Dan "Rick Alessi from Neighbours" Falzon!


Anonymous said...

*Jim Jones ad lib voice* SHE COULDN'T HELP IT *Jim Jones ad lib voice*

H.L. said...

Real. Tears.

brad not chad said...

the lad that girl is with looks a right drip.

rapper naaae said...

man down

ha so many blessings: https://twitter.com/unkut/status/344495318911549441

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Robbie been skoolin' me on E Street.

2SHIN said...

just came here to say "robbie unkut thats a scary sight"