Monday, 24 June 2013

I feel it's reasonable to be emoshunul

"Came a long way from takin' the long way home
Ridin' circles around my home
Now I get surveillance on my phone
I'm Al Capone, you Al Pacino : you just play your role
Real n*ggas vouch for me 'cause I'm about my c-notes, now you know"

$tatlito - Aberration
(From Attention, Tithes & Taxes EP; 2013)

2 Things :

1. It annoys me that $tarlito often doesn't even bother to write choruses nowadays, but better hookless tracks like this where he can show his pen/flow off than tracks where his writing and voice are disrupted by schmaltzy Robin Raynelle crooning.

2. That time I compared 'lito's croak flow to Clarence "The Frogman" Henry's vocal gimmick really should've been voted as the best music criticism of 2012.


Joe said...

i like that starlito rarely writes hooks. not only do i think it means the verses are longer (though i've never checked to see if that's true), but it usually means i can listen to the song more times without getting bored/annoyed by a hook--whether it's good or bad. at first i didn't think ATT was anything special, but after listening to it five or six times, i think it's very good just like just about everything lito puts out.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

His hook on Rap Music Ruined My Life is one of the realest things in his entire catalogue.

sisilafami said...

starlito + birdman hook >>>>>>