Thursday, 20 June 2013

Say your prayers and take your vitamins

It's very important that chil'ren and adults alike get their iron!

Webbie - Porch
(From Ghetto Stories album; 2003)

Fuckin' right I'm still waiting on Complex's decade anniversary of Ghetto Stories list where Webbie, Turk & Mel, C-Loc, Bun B, Tru Dawg, Lil' Q, and Mouse On Tha Track break down each song in intimate detail!

Fuckin' right I'm still hoping TRILL will drop a remastered deluxe reissue with liner notes from Murder Dog's editor Scott Bejda and the internet's #1 Baton Rogue expert FrankieThaLuckyDog!

Fuckin' right I've never worn denim since I saw that middle-aged cracka wearing Obama jeans in the picture of Mel & Turk signing their distribution deal with Fontana in 2011!

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Classic album