Sunday, 2 December 2018

Rock 'em out the 'boxxx

"I know these guys heard of Rock & Roll, but did you guys ever hear of Rock & Cock?"

On one hand, all the "I'm not a Rapper, I'm a Rock star!" Rappers in their crappy Metallica t-shirts deserve to be mocked and catapulted into moshpits at Brazilian Grindcore shows. On the other hand, all the best Rock songs of 2018 #actually do belong to Rappers: Rico Nasty's Smack A Bitch, Kreayshawn's Not My Job, Lil' Peep's Cry Alone, and this recent single by former Beastie baby-Boy Juiceboxxx.

"How do you grow up... when you still love Rock & Roll?
And how do you grow up... when you feel so outta control?
Just gimme a sign, oh oh, you gotta gimme a sign!"

Juiceboxxx - Ripping Up My Soul
(From Never Surrender Forever EP; 2018)


Anonymous said...

Lol @ the Wanderers thumbnail

James said...

Ian Curtis is still alive?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Catch me djing @ your NYE house party slapping Big Drill Car's cover of Cheap Trick's Surrender 15 times in a row.