Friday, 21 December 2018

A Muppet Christmas Carlos

"Ain't no beefin', I got bread let's make a sandwich
We got gon' slang them bitches 'til the last man standin'"

70th Street Carlos ft. WNC Ram Bam - Atlanta
(From 777 album; 2018)

Twist that wig like Kermit's crew, it's my favourite of the new songs on 777. But what's the deal with Ding Dong being on the album when it was already on last year's Bang 2 EP? Shoulda given the best Carlos loosie of 2017 a second wind instead:

"Leave a n*gga with holes in his body like a hamper
Bitch, I be in that wood like I'm a camper"

70th Street Carlos - Bag It Up
(From t'internet; 2017)

The major criticism of 777 is that Alamo Records fucked up and put the quiet-arse unmastered version of Do That on there. Mr Bassman must have been on vacation that day, but never fear because you can find the proper version that's thick like Mississippi mud on my Carlos loosies playlist.


GGGGGG said...

She smell good just like a candle

Ray Garraty said...

Carlos fooled us all

Marcus Pinkus said...

Ding Dong isn't on the Spotify version of 777, but that weak-ass "Do that" is. Thanks for giving us the proper one.

Lucas said...

Damn this tape is mastered poorly. My youtube rips sound better