Sunday, 11 November 2018

Windows is shutting down

"Got 2 hoes when I roll, I'm on go, on tiptoes
I re-up and reload, get 3 hoes and lay low
I'm too cold, I'm G-Code
I'm Mac, you windows"

Mouse On Tha Track - Let Me In (Martorialist edit)
(From t'internet; 2018)

Cheers to Step Won, told you this shit would sound better as a Mouse On Tha Solo Track. When Mouse sez "I'm Mac, you Windows" it's fun to pretend that he's referencing the blood test scene in The Thing.


Anonymous said...

Just need Mouse to drop a project where it sounds like Baton Rouge instead of ATL because Everything On Blossom was awful.

Anonymous said...

Really shocked that Boosie and Mouse haven’t done a collab project together yet.

lucas said...

did audiomack remove the download feature? weak

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, stupid as fuck innit.

Upped the MP3 of this to Zippyshare here.