Monday, 19 November 2018

Tone Roc

"Slick as a fox, knockin' chumps out the box
I rock fat gold chains, blow brains like snot
Those who try to front get stuffed in my trunk
I rip off nuts and leave bodies in dumps
Stash the pump, roll a blunt, go to lunch
Wax the Benz when I'm done watchin' The Brady Bunch"

Pretty Tone Capone - Can't Talk Too Long On The Telephone
(From The Source Mad Flavor Vol.1 compilation sampler; 1992)

Since some boutique raer vinylz label has just reissued Azie's Street Wise cassette on record, someone should release Pretty Tone Capone's Can't Talk Too Long On The Telephone as a cassingle with audio from EttelThun's incredible PTC interview on the B-side. That'd be a way sicker tape than the Def American Records roster cassette sampler Can't Talk Too Long On The Telephone also appeared on alongside songs by Slayer, Sir Mix-A-Lot, and Brummie heshers Wolfsbane.

Tone worked miracles with the Case Dismissed video on a dirty cocaine money budget, so imagine what he coulda done on a corporate Def American budget if Rick Rubin had let him shoot a video for Can't Talk Too Long On The Telephone. It'd be a cinema verite prototype for the Phone Tap video with Tone as Nas, Azie as AZ, Gangsta Lou as Nature, and the Puerto Rican Winona Ryder lookalike from Case Dismissed as Foxy Brown. The cops, of course, would be played by Rubin and the classique Danzig line-up.


Smell Rell said...

I would love to hear the unreleased PTC Def America stuff

L.A said...

^ +1