Wednesday 7 October 2015

Never been arrested for nuthin' domestic

J.Stalin X DJ Fresh in 2015? Still Positive K's third single when the stars realign to form the Ursa Mob&Bullshit constellation in the Northern California hemisphere.

J.Stalin ft. L'Jay - Bye Felicia
(From YouTube; 2015)

Lil' Debbie's come a long way from being Kreayshawn's geeky 4-eyed mate in the Gucci Gucci video, eh? Looks great in Air Jordan 1's, looks even better pointing a pistol in J.Stalin's face after she's just caught him cheating on her. Whatta mistaka ta maka!

"All you need is a gurl and a gun" - D.W. Stalin


Emp said...

That video is hil

Anonymous said...

Debbie fly AF

Unknown said...

When did Debbie start lookin this good? To bad she talks like forest gump lol kinda takes away from the sexiness

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Since the $lot Machine video.