Saturday 10 January 2015

Where's the love?

Really disappointed YG didn't let Slim 400 get himself a proper piece of the the Blame It On The Streets soundtrack pie by including the On My Set remix. Like, how's YG gonna let RJ slide up on the album twice with the Ride Wit' Me remix and the O.M.M.I.O freestyle, and then front on the track where Slim said he could see a hoe scheming through her panoramic weave FFS?

Slim 400 ft. YG & Hunnyae - On My Set remix
(From the internet; 2014)

PS: still waitin' on that Kno Where The Party @ video. If Slim isn't careful, DJ Mustard is gonna resell that beat to Lil' Twist or fucking OB O'Brien.


Anonymous said...

Need a download link.

Ruben said...

YG bringin' the Cortez back.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Vybz Kartel is in prison forever yet OB O'Brien is out here free to say "are you a bad ting?" on shitty songs with Drake.