Friday 6 September 2013

Late pass!

Organized Konfusion were bullets, Nas was a gun (© Thun), A-Wax has a gun loaded with bullets that he uses to Liberty Valance dudes up over production which manages to sound all cheap 'n' nasty and bells & whistles AT THE SAME DAMN TIME :

"Flip a coin and pick a side
Beat it if the witness dies
Might not get to fuck again, beat it 'til her shit was dry"

A-Wax - The Shooter
(From Jesus Malverde album; 2013)

The Shooter's been out since january but I'd slept on it until a few days ago because I always tend to think of A-Wax as someone I prefer as a personality than as a rapper; for moi, his career highlight will always be when his beef with the Mob Figaz finally spilled over onto Twitter back in 2010, but I can't deny that I love Dome Shots, Trigganometry, Natural Disasters, Designer Drugs And Beatdowns and Yeah Right more than I love certain members of my own family.

Anybody else find it absolutely fucking hilarious that there's now an A-Wax song with a sample of Daft Punk's One More Time? It isn't a patch on Diamond from Crime Mob's song with the very same sample from last year but Jeff LMAO at such a world's colliding moment existing.


done said...

Man apparently its a concept album based on a mexican saint for drug dealers, been sitting on it for a day or two.

A-Wax might be the first time Ive been mostly put off listening to someones music cos of beef, which is weird considering hes clearly got the upper hand there.

"look at these cartiers - thats rapper blood!"

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Rey postin' that interview inspired you to fuck with it too, huh?

Buffalo Bill off there is also pretty great.

"Printin' pictures of my enemies out to use as targets
I'ma catch 'em all eventually comin' outta Target
Walkin' into Mickey Dees, somewhere hella random
I'ma run into his momma, we gonna hold that hoe for ransom"

done said...

Yup, pretty good interview too. Ive been meaning to check him out properly since that hilarious Gotye jack.

that songs class
"i just payed my homie for a murder - told him 'way to go'
woulda done that shit myself but then whats all this paper for?"

Anonymous said...

"65 Gz In A Jordan Briefcase" is such an amazing title for an album.