Sunday, 12 May 2013

Windows down bumpin' Barry White, in the trunk is where I bury white

French ft. Shiest Bubz - Gettin' Money Over Here
(From Cocaine City 2 Purple City DVD; 2006)

Before he adopted the Montana suffix and leeched onto Max B, French Montana was just French, the generic coke-rapper who was known for resembling a lesbian Psycho Les and peddling a series of street DVDs called Cocaine City, which were the missing link between Smack DVD and VladTV. I've lamented the death of the street DVD before because rappers fighting on Twitter just isn't anywhere near as fun as them sonnin' each other and posing with each other's stolen chains on video, so I figure 2013 is the year I should put my money where my mouth is and make an effort to track down all 14 editions of Cocaine City since I only own volume 2 and volume 10 currently.

Records, tapes, and CDs are for squares and amateurs - real Borks are out here huntin' down street DVDS nowadays. Holla atcha boy Talcum X right chea if you've got still-shrink wrapped copies of Cocaine City volume 1 and the Frost Bitten Uncut edition of Sub 0°, ya heard!


step one said...

there's a few on Amazon. prices vary from reasonable to extortionate

Fredo Fantano said...

Peace 2 Amazon.

Fulci Lives said...

"... resembling a lesbian Psycho Les"

I still can't stop laughing after reading that.