Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Reasons why I love YouTube # 41

Rap songs I never knew there were videos for before YouTube part 109765 :

Slick Rick - Cuz It's Wrong
(From Behind Bars album; 1994)

Let's talk about how Cuz It's Wrong is the anti-Drug Dat Hoe and how Behind Bars is actually kinda underrated despite the fact that it's Slick Rick's weakest album.


doe said...

OH BOY, nice find.

all his albums that arent Great Adventures... are slept on imo, theyre a bit all over the shop and some of the produtions not amazing but Rick destroys everything, especially impressive considering he rushed through 2 of em while out on bail. Sittin In My Car son.

His catalogues underrepresented by old timers in general despite him being namedropped so much. Never mind stories, no one did concept songs as good as Rick: Moses, Captain Caveman etc

Not gonna try sand defend the last one being my fav.

H.L. said...

For some reason this album is so much better as individual songs.

Fredo Fantano said...

I listen to it as an EP in this order :

1. It's A Boy remix
2. All Alone (No One To Be With)
3. Sittin' In My Car
4. A Love That's True Part 1
5. Cuz It's Wrong
6. Behind Bars remix

Occasionally I'll skip All Alone if I'm not feeling in a bitchmade tender mood.

Boothe said...

Haha...yeah, All Alone is nice, but you're right about needing to be in the right mood for it.

Not feeling the Ruler's ragga stylie in A Love That's True Part 2?

Fredo Fantano said...

Whenever I attempt to make a case for Americans-doing-Reggae being a top 2 worst genre of all time, A Love That's True Part 2 always features prominently in my argument.

step one said...

I maintain that Great Adventures would be 10 times better with different beats. 45 King, Prince Paul or Marley Marl would've killed that album and used a lot less shakers in the process.
Def Jam fucked up imo.

Its Wrong, Mistakes Of Woman, Art Of Storytelling, that joint on Flex Vol 3 CD and Trouble On The Westside Highway are my most jammed Ricky D songs these days.
The track with Primo last year wasnt bad either but he's shouts out Jonah Hill ffs.

Fredo Fantano said...

Hell nah, one of the reasons that The Great Adventures.. is so, erm, great is that it doesn't just sound like your typical 1988 rap album full of obvious UB&B samples.

I just wish they'd used the beatbox version of Treat Her Like A Prostitute on there.

done said...

"I maintain that Great Adventures would be 10 times better with different beats."


I like them more and more as time goes by but still cant shake that feeling when I realised those names = Bomb Squad in the liner notes. but teenage me used to hate Teenage Love so fuck that dude tbh

Someone get Rick a twitter so we can shame him out of wasting his twilight years popping up on weak Primo beats and shit Cham and Mos Def songs.