Tuesday 30 April 2013

Shiest Bubz is out for David Drake's blood!

Apparently Shiest Bubz didn't take too kindly to me calling him the lowliest of Dipset weed carriers on the Purple City Byrdgang entry to our 25 Greatest Harlem Rap Songs list yesterday because he's already stalking Deezy D on Instagram and leaving him threats:

Ayo Dave, bloggas get shot everyday, b - you be aiight... you tough, right? On the real, though, if the Complex office gets bumrushed by disgruntled 2003 - 2006 era Dipset Z-listers on some "THE WHOLE BYRDGANG'S IN HERE LIKE KRISTEN PFAFF WAS HERE!" type shit today, then pray that Drake makes his rims do the Macarena outta there before Un Kasa gets a hold of him.


done said...

Ah yes its like the old days.

Comment sections a beauty, shouts to Diddy Thegoat, Big Ed from 135th, REAL HIP HOP HEAD. I strongly suspect the last two there were your AKAs before youre ABCs and had you AOK, TBH.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Are we gonna see a regional rap war between Shiest Bubz + his goons versus David Drake + some of Chief Keef's baggage handlers?

Boothe said...

Dope...didn't know you contributed to that site.

Thomas said...

Wow dude you are really developing a reputation for upsetting horrible NY rappers.

I like the idea of rappers perusing the internet daily for any new mention of their name and then leaving upset comments when it is not positive. Actually that is pretty sad and pathetic now that I think about it, so I guess I don't like the idea of that at all, actually.