Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Press rewind if Suga Free just blew your mind

To celebrate the amazing new Suga Free song with a posthumous Nate Dogg hook, here are 10 immensely rewindable little moments in the Suga Free catalogue.

1. The upskirt twerk solo as the Pure Pimp video draws to its conclusion.

2. The way he belly-laughs after finishing his verse on No Doubt by saying "I hope my name taste like dookie in your mouth!"

3. The immortal "what, cadillacs ain't gonna roll no mo' 'cause yo' ass gone, bitch?" boast during his fire 'n' brimstone closing monologue on Allergic To Bullshit.

4. The electro funk drum-breakdown in Don't No Suckas Live Here.

5. The crystalization of the Suga Free ethos that is his "'cause love ain't nuthin' but 2 people feelin' sorry for each other and then hittin' divorce court to pay child support to your baby's mother" lyric on I'd Rather Give You My Bitch.

6. His impression of a girl with a lollipop stuck to her tongue on Still Rather Give U My Bitch.

7. His mannerisms as he's trying to work out how old he is in dog years in the On My Way video.

8. The "killin' me" repeated rhyme-scheme on Why U Bullshittin'?

9. The way he manages to better Marvin Gaye's entire Here, My Dear album with his opening stanza of "You spent your whole life lookin' for her, that's cool/you spent the rest of your life tryna keep her, huh fool?" on She Get What She Pay Foe.

10. His eyes as he asks DJ Quik about eating chicken veins during the profound opening prelude of the Nobody video.


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Thomas said...

Very enjoyable post broski.

If one were looking to check out Suga Free's albums for the first time, where would you recommend they start?

Fredo Fantano said...

His debut album Street Gospel from 1997 is the one. Produced by DJ Quik.

It's a masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

I'll just add

"Awww that's more touching than a butterfly landing on a lil retarded kids head"


Let her know I was suga free the pimp; stuck my tongue in her ear and cured her yeast infection

Anonymous said...

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