Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Brief thoughts on the Cocaine Riot 3 mixtape by Chinx Drugz

As a long standing weed-carrier's weed-carrier who went from polishing Stack Bundles' rhinestone skull belts to ironing French Montana's keffiyehs, Chinx Drugz finally turned professional last year with the release of Cocaine Riot 2. It was a surprisingly great mixtape which saw him finding his voice as a new Big Noyd for the post-Dipset NYC, where it's perfectly acceptable for one of its sons to interpolate Juvenile alongside more traditional fare like Royal Flush and LL Cool J. It also included the best use of the Owner Of A Lonely Heart drumbreak in years.

Unfortunately, he's abandoned everything that made instalment # 2 so good to walk the familiar path of a breakout weed-carrier mixtape Rapper following up a great hometown hero 'tape with a middlebrow national BLOCKBUSTER disaster featuring all the usual cliched guest-spot suspects (Juicy J, Rick Ross, Diddy, Ace Hood, Yo Gotti and even fucking DJ Khaled) over tepid regionally ambiguous beats including a godawful track featuring Lil' Durk which is almost as embarrassing as that time his near-30 year old boss shamelessly indulged in Chief Keef karaoke. None of this would be the end of the world if he'd thrown in a handful of joints which built upon the style he was beginning to nail on Coke Boy Wave and Pressure On My Head, but the tracks in that vein here all fall flat on their arse and the one song worth saving sees him linking up with Harry Fraud to retread ground they've already conquered a couple of years ago with a Superlight-lite.

In summary, this 'tape sucks and it's probably more dignified to be avoiding bum-rape in prison like Max B than it is to be a working New York Rapper in 2013. None of these guys should be allowed to record more than 4 songs per calender year from this point forward.


Jesper said...

This does sound pretty bad.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Dude was doomed as soon as I'm A Coke Boy got the remix with Ross and Puffy.

bradley said...

i dig "superlight"