Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Being a rap nerd isn't always so simple (and plain)

I'm interpreting this as Noz simply asking whether Lay-Lo ever recorded an album together, because I don't want to consider the possibility that dude just had an Tom Breihan on 3 Kings type M.C UGK moment by somehow thinking that Lay-Lo was a solo artist, especially since the duo included a Baton Rogue A-lister like Max Minelli who I'm sure Noz is fairly familiar with as to be able to recognize his voice on Balls And My Word and the old Concentration Camp compilations. Say it ain't so????? (*1)

If I can add my tuppence worth here after ANU pointed you in the direction of Simple And Plain, be prepared to be disappointed by the sequel to Better Than The Last Time on there and skip straight to Take It Like A Gee and Simple And Plain.

(*1 : to be fair, the old Concentration Camp albums can get hella confusing with the Laylow/Lay-Lo distinction and Young Bleed's own barely-known weed carriers Lee Tyme and Lucky Knuckles all crammed onto a single posse-track with the core members.)


Anonymous said...

Got a link to the Lay-Lo album?

Fredo Fantano said...

Drop your email not your nuts and I'll send it you some time over the next couple of days.

noz said...

clown post bro

Fredo Fantano said...

What? I genuinely wanted to know, yo!

Plus, everybody has to have an MC UGK moment or two; mine was not realising Juvenile's Playaz Of Da Game CD was mostly made up of DJ Jimi cuts when writing about Krooked Cops.