Wednesday, 28 November 2012

And the winner of SPIN magazine's # 1 rap song of 2012 goes to..

What you thought Zone'n by Ty Dolla $ign couldn't be topped as far as revolting 2012 songs about date-rape go? Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Drug Dat Hoe by 2 SODMG coke mules :

John Boy & Shawty Boy - Drug Dat Hoe
(From t'internet; 2012)

Remix coming soon featuring Das Racist, the 2pac hologram, Tom Cruise's character in Knight And Day, and Ched Evans!


Thomas said...

Do you bros even lift???

I am never offended by anything, but these guys are giving off some super creepy vibes right here.

Amor de Rey said...

A young Baby Bash N Crew were rather mainey in their day:

Potna Deuce - X-TA-C (1996)

You callém mickeys, we callém knick knacks
You say it's Date Rape? We say it's get backs

Richard Tre Mane said...

Good lord!

H.L. said...


bradley said...

you've split das racist up hahaha!

Richard Tre Mane said...

Just been pointed towards Chris Weingarten's Tweets regarding teh Das Rapist break-up. I can only quote da gawd OMNI :

Spin Magazine editors STILL trying to make das racist a thing :). They are a footnote of a footnote, and will only be remembered by the girls they date raped.

Anonymous said...

Where's the post about Das Racist splitting up?

Richard Tre Mane said...

Oh, that'd be pretty crass since da ppl already knows my post was responsible for their split. I'm just sitting here quietly bumping I Did That.

Besides, there's much more exciting news to crow about coming soon.

Fosterakahunter said...

These ho' ass ni@@uhz.. I would assassinate these homos. These clowns are day room bait if they get locked up. Fuxx their life. (lives)

Catfish Hunter said...

It's kinda disheartening how they keep saying "You know I'm a pimp" and act like they're players in a song about drugging women