Friday, 16 November 2012

Bestest 2 rap songs of the last 7 days

"Fuck you n*ggas with a horse's cock
I'm takin' mine off the top
whores watch as we board the yacht like George C. Scott"

Roc Marciano - We Ill
(From Reloaded album; 2012)

In which Roc Marciano gives a lesson to Jay Electronica in how you're supposed to rhyme on percussion-free production without sounding like Mindbender Futurama's Mindbender Loves You show over a beat which sounds like the score for some mythical James Bond Vs. Jim Jump from King Of New York spin-off movie. Still not sold on Marciano as a great album artist given some of his supine choices in production, but when he does get it right, he makes N.Y Rap sound effortless again.

"I want action, n*gga, gunclappin', n*gga
flex up and I'm whackin' n*ggas
these hoes like action figures : no brain, heart, and no passion' in 'em"

Bo Deal ft. Zed Zilla - Nothin' Like Me
(From Welcome To Klanville mixtape; 2012)

In which Bo Deal continues his recent one-hot-song-every-mixtape average and Zed Zilla partially redeems himself after his dismal Rents Due 2 mixtape. I got two related questions with this one : who'd a thunk Bo Deal would be the only good Brick Squad weed-carrier still knocking out the odd good tune in late 2012, and is it true that that Zed Zilla is the Rapper $tarlito takes multiple subliminal shots at on Clap For Him? You know who you are, we know who you ain't etc.


Anonymous said...

There's a Juggaknots song with the same sample as "We Ill"

AK said...

Hey, Brick Squad third-stringer Ice Burgandy had a great tape earlier this year. "PMBB" is the shit.

Richard Tre Mane said...

I tried a couple of times with tht Ice Burgandy 'tape but it just left me cold.

Richard Tre Mane said...

Someone needs to ID me the sample from this Marciano joint, btw.

Anonymous said...

Repping PhilaFlava so hard with Mindbender name drop tho...Also, if you can make "bork" happen , I salute you.