Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Tuesday is Trill ENT day

So, Webbie just released a crappy new mixtape of throwaway rhymes over really obvious current industry beats called Sweet Jones Jr. that I skimmed through so you don't have to, while Mouse On Tha Track finally dropped his Millionaire Dreamzzz 'tape chocked full of incredible melodic Baton Rogue pop-stomper tremendos with guest spots from Mystikal and Fiend, and all I can do is sit here aghast that Turk & Mel are letting Mouse and Foxx give away all this amazing music for free whilst letting Webbie release half-arsed retail albums like Savage Life 3.

The song with Fiend is a highlight since it sounds like absolutely nothing else in Mouse's catalogue and instead bears more of a resemblance to two shitfaced middle-aged blokes on a piano drunkenly attempting to sing Fats Domino standards in a New Orleans dive bar at 11:30 on a tuesday morning. A preferable alternative to yet another Fiend & Curren$y song over a Menahan Street Band instrumental at this point, and I quite fancy the idea of Mouse doing a whole EP in this style with guest spots from Juvenile, Foxx, and Young Bleed :

Mouse On Tha Track ft. Fiend - Get High, Get Loaded
(From Millionaire Dreamzzz mixtape; 2012)


bradley said...

wetherspoons rap!

have you listened to the kendrick lamar album yet then?

Richard Tre Mane said...

I couldn't even make it through his parts on Cartoon And Cereal, so it's fairly unlikely I'll ever sit through his album.

sisilafami said...

fuckin love the "chill bounce" feel à la dolamite's hustlas of "raise a finger".

Richard Tre Mane said...

Yeah, maybe not quite as immediate as some of the other cuts, but that's one I've kept returning to today.

done said...


My fav atm is What A Good Feeling, like a hook that generic shouldnt warm the cockles. Class how much bounce is on here too.

The low key final two cap it off perfectly too.

Richard Tre Mane said...

Only real complaint is no Foxx on there. Trill seems so fragmented since All Or Nothing.

David said...

'raise a finger' is def my joint too