Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Chick game Master Splinter

"Rat head - chipped nails, chipped toes
Rat head - nappy perm, ripped clothes"

C-Bo ft. Young Meek - Rat Heads
(From West Coast Mafia album; 2002)

Three main reasons why this is my favourite C-Bo joint of the last decade even though I'm a secrete feminist like Nicola McLean - you'd never expect to hear C-Bo Rapping over the sort of scratched-up RAWK guitar sample that was Tone Loc's bread 'n' butter back in the late 80s, Young Meek's "you got the cockpit smellin' like fish & chips" line, and the whole Rat Head concept being a possible homage to Oid School Freddy B's infamous "rat head bitch make me cum!" lyric from Too $hort's Game.

Just sayin', bruv # 4.5 : Wild Thing by Tone Loc goes way harder than any of the more credible RAWK guitar jams by Run Dmc Schoolly D, Ice-T or Public Enemy.


James said...

Who the hell is that woman????

Richard Tre Mane said...


This was from some porn set. She had a quite revolting flange.

P said...


Richard Tre Mane said...

Changed my mind here - Wild Thing might be better than any of the guitar jams by Run Dmc, Schoolly D and Public Enemy, but it isn't fucking with Ice-T's Midnight.