Friday, 14 September 2012

Late pass!

I lost my smile too when Rob Breezy put me onto HBK Gang's She's Ready last month since I'd been sleeping on a song that'd should've been part of the soundtrack to my summer, but the joke's on whoever's thinking "lol newjack!" because this shit was actually first uploaded online to complete apathy in summer 2010 which means you've dozed on it, motherfucker. I guess the song's producer Iamsu! re-sent it out to a bunch of blogs in january this year after Function had announced his existence to the world at large and the UP! remix was beginning to gain traction, and it's since gone on to become one of that collective's signature songs in the Bay and somewhat of a staple at Southern Hospitality's club nights in London even if it's not made much impact anywhere else :

"Back in the day n*ggas thought I was a weirdo
funny how the tables turned 'cause now I'm fuckin' their hoes"

HBK Gang - She Ready
(From the internet; 2010)

There's a rumour they've recently shot a video and plan to push it as the semi-follow-up to UP! which is good news since it's the most obvious single out of the whole HBK camp so far and it deserves way better than a combined total of 200, 000 views on its uploads to Youtube and a handful of 1 paragraph blog posts from january which don't even begin to touch on the genius of that sublime descending-chord progression or the catchiness of that Big Tymers-ish hook. Bit too late for it to become a summer smash now that we're all breaking out the 10.5 tog quilts, but, hopefully, this is destined for something - anything! - greater than its current standing.


bradley said...

the "slow down" remix with hbk gang on is good too

Anonymous said...

Marty Janetti Gang in the house yall